About us
Wildcat trading has a professional team with many years of experience in the industry, and is committed to providing high-quality services and providing customers with the best solutions. Quality inspection runs through the entire production process of incoming materials, manufacturing processes, and shipments to assist process improvement.
With a high sense of responsibility, teamwork and communication skills, and can quickly respond and solve quality risks to ensure the quality level of products or services and customer satisfaction.
Key Responsibilities Include:

► Formulate quality standards and testing methods to ensure that products or services meet customer needs and company quality requirements.

► Monitor production processes and take steps to ensure that products or services meet quality standards.

► Analyze quality data to identify problems and develop improvement plans.

► Promote employees to participate in quality control, and provide training and guidance to ensure that the production process is up to standard.

► Handle quality complaints and problems and take steps to prevent recurrence.

Quality Team Advantages:

► Professional quality: Our team members have relevant professional background and skills, and continue to conduct training and learning to ensure that our services can always maintain the highest level.

► Strict quality control: We have a complete quality management system, covering the whole process from product design to after-sales service.

► Excellent teamwork ability: We pay attention to the communication and cooperation among team members, keep improving, and complete the project in the best teamwork way to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

► Responsible attitude: We always put customer needs first, adhering to the service concept of "integrity, innovation, professionalism, and excellence", and taking the success of customers as our own responsibility.

► Continuous innovation: We always pay attention to market changes and industry trends, continuously improve products and services, and continuously introduce innovative products and services that better meet customer needs.